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After maintaining many blogs we have decided to re-direct all people to one centralized location that is more user-friendly, more organized, and easier to navigate. We really hope that you can continue to check out these sermons, messages, and words of encouragement by going to and subscribing to the new site. By subscribing you will easily be able to know when there are new messages and have instant access to them.
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Learning to Let our True Self be True to God: Wrestling with the Flesh in the Authority of Christ.

(12) August 27th. Learning to Let our True Self be True to God: Wrestling with the Flesh in the Authority of Christ. This weeks topic contains some really difficult stuff to wrestle with, but I pray that it will be a challenging lesson that will spark life, encouragement, and tremendous strength within you so that you can step with God together towards breakthrough!! Click Here to Listen
Scripture Reading: Romans 7
01 Romans 7-23 Dealing with Sin

Part 5. Daring to Live as Disciples. Sonship, Daughtership, and Servanthood!

(11) August 20th Sonship, Daughtership, and Servanthood: Dare to be a Disciple! The gift is free, Maturity is Expensive. Click here to listen to yesterdays Sermon. I pray and hope that it will bless you tremendously!
Scripture: John 14:5-27
01 pt. 5 disciples

Part 4: The Holy Spirit's Guidance in Living like a son or daughter!

Hey all, if you missed yesterdays message please check it out here! I pray and believe it will bless you tremendously!! It continues on the theme of what it means to be a son or daughter of God and speaks heavily about the role of the Holy Spirit in both enabling and guiding through this process. MAY YOU BE BLESSED BY THE POWER AND THE BEAUTY AND THE MIGHT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT!!!! CLICK HERE

PART 3: Sonship, Daughtership, and Servanthood

Two weeks ago (July 23rd) we started talked about Sonship vs. Servanthood. Our first message was about what it means to be citizens of Christs coming Kingdom. The Second Message (July 30th) was about Christ the son, the Incarnation, and His accomplishments on the cross which have brought us into adoption as children of God. This week focuses heavily on the Father and how to operate as sons and daughters. What role does the law play? How do we find the balance? Click Here  if you would like to hear the message !
Scripture Reading: Galatians 3 and Luke Chapter 15
01 sonship, servanthood, and daughtership

PART 2: Sonship, Daughtership, and Servanthood

(8) July 30th, 2017 PT. 2 Sonship, Daughtership, and Servanthood:
Escaping from a Servant Mentality and Living as Children of the Inheritence. Click Here
Scripture Reading: Galatians 3
01 sonship

What it Means to be a Son or Daughter and Not a Servant, An Intro to Servanthood and Sonship

Sermon 07  July 23rd, 2017 OVERCOMING THE POWER OF SIN PART 4: What it Means to be a Son or Daughter and Not a Servant, An Intro to Servanthood and Sonship. Click here to Listen
Scripture Reading: John 8:31-47 & Galatians 4:1-9
01 faith not works.jpg

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